Keeping the importance of agriculture for the country’s economy in mind, our company understanding carries out the production and sales of agricultural products, especially walnuts, which have a high economic value.

In the agricultural activities carried out on the 175,000 m² agricultural land in the town of Babaeski in Kırkalareli province, Gürpa Co. acts with the awareness of respect for the nature, and all precautions are taken to prevent harm to the environment and living things. In our institution’s agricultural activities, seedlings certified by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and quality seeds are used. All of our agricultural products are grown under appropriate conditions and through all necessary analyses. The nature-friendly production concept of our company has been determined within the framework of ethical principles that organic farming is supported, correct recipes are applied, and human health and nature are not damaged.

Gürpa Co.’s production principles aim for the highest productivity with the least water consumption in agriculture. While growing our products, our company takes the advantage of the smart drip irrigation methods and diligently fulfils its social responsibility for the conscious consumption of water resources.

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