Sales and Distribution

Gürpa Co. started its journey in sales and distribution in Istanbul in 1977 with the distributorship of Coca-Cola products. Today, our company, apart from Coca-Cola, offers various food and beverage products such as Tuborg, Mey Diageo and Superfresh to the domestic market especially the European and Anatolian sides of İstanbul, Izmir, Edirne, and Kırklareli without compromising from quality.

Our sales and distribution activities are carried out with our staff of over 300 people, each of whom are working diligently, and 210 self-owned vehicle fleets, all of which have been renewed.

Our goal is always to ensure that the highest quality products are delivered undamaged, complete, safe and in a timely manner.

From the first day of our establishment, we complete our deliveries to our customers at the time we promise, and convey this understanding that has become our corporate culture.

You can contact us to get more information and offers about our services.