Our Human Resources Policy

As Gürpa Gürtekin Marketing ABD Trade Corporation in the light of our experience of more than 40 years and our ethical principles, we work with an approach that takes human values ​​at its center. We believe that the most valuable resources underlying all our company activities that have been taking place from past to present are labor and workforce. As a company, ensuring management according to objective criteria and being staffed within the framework of universal values ​​without discriminating language, religion and race constitute the basis of our human resources policy. In this context, we have adopted the principle of monitoring each of our units with a participatory management policy while sharing their knowledge with us, where our employees can freely express their opinions.

Gürpa aims to bring in qualified and experienced manpower with the skills required by their duties, and at the same time to support the development of its employees with an educative and instructive working order. Our company has adopted the human resources policy to provide an effective motivation and communication environment, to support continuous learning and development, to reward high performance with an objective approach and to work with mutual understanding.

Our Working Principles

As Gürpa, the most basic of our working principles are the principles of compliance with ethical values ​​and law, sensitivity to human rights and equal opportunity. Our company does not discriminate against the gender, race, ethnic origin and beliefs, nationality, economic and social living conditions of the persons under any circumstances. Depending on the legal principles, we carry out activities in accordance with all bureaucratic rules of the regions we work at home and abroad. We work with an understanding that is loyal to universal humanitarian values, especially honesty and transparency, does not serve any personal or company interests, and believes in high business ethics principles. Within the framework of these values ​​that we aim to pass on from generation to generation as a family business tradition, we also maintain our sensitivity in terms of competition law, ethical rules and responsibilities towards the public, synchronizing with the understanding of institutionalization and new generation business.

We protect the information of all our customers in accordance with their personal data protection responsibilities and we take care of their privacy. As a team working with the principle of nature-friendly, we immediately take into account that our company activities fulfill their responsibilities to both humans and all living things, and aim to remain loyal to our working principles in all situations and conditions.