About Us

40+ Years Experience

Our company was established in 1997 with the official name of “Gürtekin Trading” and focused on sales and distribution in the first years. In 1997, our company took serious steps towards getting into institutionalization, and since then, we have been in national and international market with the official name of “Gürpa Gürtekin Marketing ABD Trade Corporation”, Gürpa Co. in short. Starting with sales and distribution, our company has extended its fields into informatics, agriculture and logistics. Having the headquarter in Gaziosmanpaşa, İstanbul, our company has operations in Ümraniye in İstanbul, Bornova and Seferihisar in İzmir, Keşan in Edirne, and Babaeski in Kırklareli. Our company maintains services and operations with a growing market share thanks to its capacities of 35.000 m² storage sites, corporate offices, fleet of 210 self-owned vehicles, and more than 300 staff members.

Since its foundation, through our high-quality service and trust relationship with customers and clients, ethical values have always been our priority as we have now reached 40 years of experience in business. Our company is the distributor of international food and beverage brands such as Coca-Cola, Tuborg, Mey Diageo, and Superfresh.

In the field of logistics, we carry out international road transport to European and Balkan countries, and thus support the national economy.

Our company, targeting investments conscious of how important agriculture is for the economy of countries, has also started to grow and sell walnut. With a modern, innovative and technologic approach, as a result of our research and development (R&D) work, Gürpa produced an automatization software for sales and distribution, and now active in the field of informatics as well.